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Petro Engineering Eurasia and its partner Dordtech help the petrochemical, shipping and power industry to take all possible environmental precautions with its solutions and at the same time turn these expensive actions into financial benefits. 
Dordtech started its activities in 1997 as the developer and manufacturer of Biofuel Processing Systems for the power industry and Vapour Processing Systems for the international tank storage company Petroplus. Because of the success, Dordtech continued to produce these systems on behalf of Petroplus, who took charge of sales and marketing through its dedicated company Petrocare, to serve the petrochemical industry. Petrocare was later transformed into Qlear. 
In 2006 
Dordtech took over these sales and marketing activities to serve the petrochemical and power industry in a better way. 
Also in 2006 
Dordtech developed together with its German partner a new state of the art product line of fuel treatment systems for the shipping and power industry. 
Dordtech is known for its dedication to produce environmental friendly solutions that provide financial benefits for its customers.
  • Turning the negative effects of hazardous vapours into electricity and heat is one of our main missions for petrochemical industry with our Vapour Processing Systems.
  • Reduction of sludge, NOx, particles and soot is the highest priority in the shipping industry. Our Cube line provides environmental and financial benefits.
  • Reduction of fossil fuels is a main goal for the power industry. Our Bio Mass power plants are state of the art and relieve the pollution pressure on the environment.



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