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International legislation to decrease hazardous emission requires new policies for both land based power stations and marine applications with fuels like GO, MDO or HFO. These restrictions require far-reaching emission reduction of soot, NOx and particle dust and therefore demands new technical solutions.
DordtechPower provides the technique to transform basic fuels into thousands of microscopic fuel droplets. To achieve this Dordtech Power developed the unique product for more reliability, ecological- and economical benefits.
The Dordtech Power Fuel Improvement Device is developed to transform, by its combined working force, the structure of an average droplet-/particle size to approx. 3, to achieve a well balanced and operative fuel. All mineral and organic particles will be divided while catfines and solids, which may lead to abrasive wear and tear, will pass untouched through the Fuel Improvement Device. These catfines and solids can easily be separated from the fuel with purifiers and fine-filters.
One common droplet of approx. 70 will be divided into more than 14.500 smaller droplets to achieve a 23-fold extended fuel surface.
The smaller each injected droplet of fuel, the more homogeneous the distribution in the cylinder and the more intensive the contact with oxygen. This provides an even better carburetion and consequently enlarges the quality of the combustion.

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