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Petro Engineering Eurasia services consists of supplying Industrial Engineering products in Power Generation.
To maintain our standard of "zero defect" quality control, we are committed to match and exceed the quality requirements of our customers. This was achieved by using top international reputed manufacturers, exacting equipments & materials standards and constant quality measurements.
Each step of the Supply procedure receives rigorous work-in-progress quality handling & inspection to customer site. 
World Class Service
To deliver the consistent, outstanding performance to our customers expect, we must receive the same level of service from our Manufacturer. We take pride in rendering "world class service" to our customers. This means understanding your needs and delivering on our promises. Just tell us what you need - "just-in-time delivery, special inventorying or engineering assistance.
We are as close as your phone or fax to solve problems or help you. We guarantee your satisfaction.
The formula for customer satisfaction is simple in principle. If you score with the right solution, tailored for the Russian power market situation and to the customer's needs, success is not far away.
This is why Petro Engineering Eurasia develop optimal and need-oriented solutions in large and small turnkey projects in power industry.  

Our Partners have vast experience in:

  • Design and manufacturing
  • Burner management systems
  • NOx reduction systems
  • Retrofitting
  • New installations.

Tel. +7 495 777 29 60


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