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Thomas Pump & Machinery, Inc., your ONE source for pumps and pump equipment.

Thomas Pump & Machinery, Inc. strives to provide superior customer service. It is a job to offer a versatile line of pumps for most pumping applications. Company is always standing by to assist clients with pump selection, technical questions, order placement, and order expediting. For years, Thomas Pump & Machinery has been able to meet these standards consistently.
THE GTO SUPERDUTYTM PUMP addresses all major HIGH PRESSURE PUMPS problematic areas for this type of ServicesReliability, NPSH, Pressure Pulsation, Unstable curves, Lubrication and Mechanical Seal Failure


         high pressure centrifugal pumps

         pressures to 2000 psi, flows to 400 gpm

         pulsation free, continuous operation at shutoff,

         ductile iron construction

         options include stainless, CD4MCU

         other metallurgy available
Liquid enters the pump via the suction line of the specially designed, interchangeable distribution manifold, passes the mechanical seal (the mechanical seal is only under suction pressure), and enters the rotor cover where it is accelerated to a speed identical to the rotor speed.
The liquid ring travels at the same peripheral speed as the rotor and this moving fluid has a velocity head.
As the liquid enters the Pitot tube much of its kinetic energy is converted into pressure energy by the internal shape of the Pitot tube.  Using this operating principle, relatively high pressures can be obtained in a single stage process.
The pump generates a pulsation free flow and has a stable NPSHr curve.
lick the picture to see the layout
  •  Inpro Labyrinth Oil seals. High quality oil seals keep outside environmental contaminants from entering the lubrication media, greatly extending bearing life. This is a standard feature and not an option as found in other brands.
  • Large Sight Glass. Bull's-eye sight glass 1-1/4" simplifies oil level and oil condition monitoring that is critical to bearing life
  •  Powder Coated Oil Sump Lining. Fusion Bonded Polyester process designed to remove impurities in the castings and applied to the interior surface of the power frame oil sump. This process creates an impenetrable barrier that enhances the long-term quality and cleanliness of the lubricating oil.
  • Magnetic Drain Plug. A safety feature designed to magnetically collect damaging metallic contaminants away from the bearings
  • Heavy-Duty Shaft Bearings. X-Life Precision Bearings have extremely high reliability and extend bearing life with added benefits of smooth running, noise reduction, and reduced energy consumption.
  • Monitoring Locations. Power frame has bearing monitor feature to allow RTD insertion for bearing temperature monitoring and optional areas can be added for vibration monitoring.


         Chemical and Petro-chemical industries

         Hydraulic systems



         HP cleaning



         Swirl Flash Systems

         Pipeline Service



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