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Genset PowerBox 20X

The ultimate solution for temporary power supply.
Construction companies and event organizers are always in need for temporary power. The main suppliers for these products are rental companies. IPCO Power builds and provides standardized Gensets for the rental industry. Our units are build in Standard ISO 20 container for easy transportation across borders and regions.
Our Gensets are powered by Cummins engines and Newage alternators and provide the best Power/Compactness ratio for sale on the market for rental companies. The generating sets are capable to meet 50Hz and 60 Hz continuous rating up to the limiting ambient temperature of 50∞C.
All our sets are durable finished. Sand blasted, primed and top coated. Large double access door with air filter at the end of the compartment to service the engine and alternator. Lockable side doors with internal release. Acoustic louver with air inlet filter to prevent dust and sand ingression.
Genset PowerBox 20X
Added value
  •  Power range: 500 kVA - 1500 kVA
  • Side doors access for ease of maintenance and service
  • Insulated exhaust silencer mounted inside the container with rain cap
  • External topping points for fuel, oil & water
  • Metal flooring
  • PCC3100 with paralleling. Paralleling selector switch for Genset to Genset or Genset to utility paralleling
  • Key switch for PCC3100
  • Motorized 4 pole Circuit Breaker. Fixed Type
  • External access to bus bar connection
  • Limit switch to shut down Genset when the door is open
  • Re-connectable Neutral/Earth link
  • Earth leakage protection
  • Dual frequency electric fan
  • Lighting 24v DC / 240VAC and 240V Socket Plug
  • Auxiliary supply, 220 Ц 240VAC
  • Manual oil drain pump
  • 900 litres fuel tank with external gauge
  • Fuel filter with water separator
  • External fuel connection (3-way valve)
  • Battery Isolator
  • Charging alternator
  • Added safety features for low coolant level shutdown, low fuel warning & shutdown. Fuel leakage warning
  • Automatic oil top up system with 50 liter lubricating oil tank
  • Electric fuel pump with external connection
  • Jacket water heater
  • Electric sump drain pump
  • AMF module with selector switch
  • Anti condensation heater
  • Battery charger.                                                

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